Es Racó D'Artà, a unique and delightfullynatural experience

Artà, Mallorca

‘The origins of a revival’...


Es Racó d’Artà is a concept that goes beyond a luxury stay hotel , where the rural world is reinvented to pave the way for a pure and luxurious world with a traditional Mediterranean spirit. A special place to stay in Majorca.

Starting with your arrival at our hotel, the experience will awaken your senses… Es Racó is like the revival of an old Mallorcan possession, its traditional structure changing to create accommodation that is surrounded by nature, resurrecting like the branches that sprout from a first seed that is anchored in time.
The real Balearic Islands countryside in a stunning rural retreat in the heart of Majorca.

The real Balearic Islands countryside in a stunning rural retreat in the heart of Majorca.

‘Rooms with spirit’...


Rooms with soul Es Racó D'Artá

Our rooms: a quaint living space in the nature


All of our rooms have their own energy and personality and have been created to become unique places where time simply stands still. Magic, comfort and silence, complete with all the facilities of 5* accommodation, all while retaining a rural character that envelops and completely submerges us in its surroundings.

“A place where one can allows themselves to, simply, be…’



Our Spa: silence and relaxation

“Profound and personal well-being”...


In the Spa, you will connect with the deepest depths of your spirit within a countryside retreat.


‘Es Racó is purity and tranquillity, a deep immersion in well-being’.


‘Healthy pleasure in a unique environment’


Organic cuisine


The best traditional, pure and organic cuisine awaits you at our restaurant, a place where we care about the health of our customers and offer them the best products for their well-being.

We source as much of the Mediterranean ingredients as possible from our vegetable garden, as well offer healthy and tasty creations, in a peaceful and rural setting to the delight of all those who decide to try our dishes.

At Es Racó, we want you to enjoy the traditions of our island and its smells, tastes and, above all, its vibrant cuisine.

Organic Gastronomy at the Es Racó D'Artá Hotel

‘Where to find authenticity’




‘Between the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.’

Pure nature...


Our hideout is situated in Artà, one of the most untouched and wild places in the Llevant area, surrounded by protected areas and natural parks.


‘Es Racó is silence, it’s birdsong, it’s the sound of the wind…’




‘The roots of our history and its rebirth’

Our story...


After centuries of history, which has seen the passing of bandits, pirates and explorers, Es Racó has become a marvellous retreat where only calmness reigns.

“A calm and peaceful retreat, of infinite calm where you can contemplate the fruits of the land and reconnect with your vital rhythm. The estate will provide its guests with all the products that it creates. The once silent walls of the old farmhouse now celebrate a new revival, having been restored painstakingly and with loving care.’